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 Who needs credit repair? 

Everyone! It’s one of those topics that people don’t understand in depth, it’s easier to “handle it ” when the time comes. This is one of the biggest mistakes that most of us have made as a consumer. Do not wait until you desire being a homeowner or even worse, have an emergency beyond what your immediate funds can manage. The global pandemic is a perfect example of an unexpected situation. Be prepared to avoid disappointment and delays on leveling up. Even those with good credit need guidance on how to be prepared incase erroneous information appears on their credit report in the future.

What if I really owe the debt?

There are many misconceptions of this topic. The dispute process does not mean you’re denying ownership. Up to 80% of credit reports contains errors that deem it fair to request an investigation for accuracy. If an account does not report 100% correct with all three Opps (Equifax, Transunion, Experian), guess what, it must be removed! For instance, two of them are reporting a balance of $1200 and the other Opp is reporting $2500. This makes the account eligible to be investigated for accuracy per the FCRA laws. Stickii Situations e-books and guides will prepare you to go to war with “The Opps” (credit bureaus), “The Haters and Rivals. (Collection agencies and creditors). Our community is designed to save you time and thousands of dollars. If you’re a beginner, The Beginner’s Guide to Credit Repair will be gold to your journey. If you need further help our community is a wonderful place to learn advanced disputing techniques. Get rid of those outdated 609 letters, identity theft hacks and any other “unethical tricks” you have learned online. Our new line of e-books and community will eliminate you needing to research any further before you get started.  Factual disputing is your only way out! Get your copy today! You have work to do!

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How Do I Get a copy of My Credit Report ?

Do you need a free copy of your credit report ? Visit Annual Credit Report, you are entitled to one free report annually. This report often includes details that some third party credit monitoring programs don’t. It’s a good idea to always compare them when confirming deletions. Grab a copy of ” A Beginners Guide To Credit Repair” for in depth details on how to read your credit report. 

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